NYT best-selling author slams ‘Justice League’: “Definitely let me write Batgirl”

Last month when Joss Whedon dropped out of Batgirl because he couldn’t come up with a story, Roxane Gay, a New York Times best-selling author who has written Marvel comics before, offered to do it for him. A vice president at WB/DC Entertainment publicly replied on Twitter and there seemed to be interest on both sides.

Last night, Gay watched Justice League for the first time and she wasn’t happy with it. Her displeasure with it seemed to make her want to write Batgirl even more. “It took real effort to make Justice League this bad,” she said. “Definitely let me write Batgirl.” She added: “Two hours felt like four. Boring villain. How is a villain boring???”


I’m not sure if bashing a DC movie is the best way to get DC to hire you, but hey, at least she’s passionate about Batgirl!