‘Shazam’ director came up with the logo design himself

Earlier today, Warner Bros. released the first poster for Shazam which gave us a look at the movie’s logo. Director David Sandberg took to Twitter to reveal that he came up with the logo’s design and used it in his presentations to Warner Bros.. “Shablam!” his logo said, and it’s been his Twitter header photo for a while now.

“Months ago I made a logo myself in Blender to use for presentations and stuff,” Sandberg explained. “They wound up basing the official logo on that. I guess my presentation made quite an impression. I had no idea my Twitter banner would end up a spoiler.”

Sandberg’s “Shablam” logo is above, and the official Shazam logo is below. As you can see, they are very similar. Which makes sense since Warner Bros. used Sandberg’s design as a starting point.

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