Funko Teen Titans Go! Night Begins to Shine Pop!s

On the magnetic strip in this cassette tape, lives the greatest song ever written, The Night Begins to Shine! Influenced by the sounds of the ’80s, it was 40% written by Carl Burnett, 40% by Franklin Enea, and a sweet, sweet 20% by William J. Reagan. The song that spawned episodes that spawned a cultural phenomenon that spawned a new cultural phenomenon in partnership with another, different cultural phenomenon has come to Batman News, in the form of Funko’s new Night Begins to Shine Pop! vinyl figures. Come with me into a mythical land where music makes reality, and grown men play with cameras and toys that their children can’t touch.


Robin may be the leader of the Titans, but in the world of The Night Begins to Shine, Cyborg is the true hero. With a sweet costume and hair the radness of which rivals even the song itself, Vic Stone is ready to plunge into a vinyl fantasy world and rescue his friends from terrors untold.

Beast Boy

The boy that can change himself into any animal known to man has transformed into a beast of radness the likes of which this world has never seen. A tsunami of flowing hair is effervescent with heroism, and his pink cutoff denim jacket possesses the power to turn any lame gathering into an unprecedented rave.


Add an “n” to that rave, and you get the daughter of Trigon, whose skullerific hood and flowing cape evoke a tornado of radness that will sweep your home from its foundations and set it down in a land where the night never stops beginning to shine, even though it’s the day.


You don’t have to wonder what the Boy Wonder is wondering about when he’s decked out in the wondrous attire he sports in the wonderful realm of the night shines. Robin’s tattered cape, jagged “R,” and stern hair give him just the edge he needs to storm into Batman’s office and demand a promotion to “Man Wonder”.


With an outfit as at home in a club as it is in the midst of a justice-dispensing, last-ditch assault on the citadel of an evil brain, Starfire is ready to rule the night with her shining eyes. Her hair is more 80’s than Reaganomics, ushering in an era of unrestricted, free-market radness and love.


Cee Lo Bear answers the call, coming to the Titans’ aid with his oversized polar frame and glasses that could burn the parachute pants off of Stanley Burrell with a casual glance. No dragon or party stands a chance once Bear shows up.

The night begins to shine (because the light is reflecting off of the vinyl)

Funko’s Pop!s were already a cultural phenomenon, covering a wide range of properties and brands and including something for everyone. But they’ve kicked things up a notch with these TTG! vinyls, a set that seems to exist for no greater reason than the pure joy of being awesome. Find yours in stores now, and be sure to look for the glow-in-the-dark Cyborg and flocked Bear before your local Toys ‘R Us closes down.