Two new Justice League teams announced at WonderCon

Fresh from the first ever livestream of DC Comics’ Publishers Panel at WonderCon in Anaheim, it’s been revealed that two brand new Justice League titles will drop this summer.  Spinning out of the upcoming No Justice miniseries, the titles will include a relaunch of Justice League Dark and the new title Justice League Odyssey.

And guys, believe me, the latter one sounds insane.

Dark will be written by James Tynion IV with art from Alvaro Martinez, Brad Anderson, and Raul Fernandez and Odyssey will be written by Joshua Williamson with art from Stjepan Sejic.  While the Justice League Dark roster is fairly straightforward, consisting of Wonder Woman, Detective Chimp (yessss), Swamp Thing (double-yessss), Zatanna, and Man-Bat (neat), Odyssey’s team has Cyborg, Jessica Cruz, Starfire, Azrael (also neat)…

And Darkseid.

That is bananas.

No further details have been revealed as of yet, but both books will launch this June just ahead of Scott Snyder’s relaunch of Justice League with Jim Cheung and Jorge Jimenez.

Also revealed at the panel was the new creative team for Teen Titans: writer Adam Glass and artist Bernard Chang, who who will join the title with June’s issue #20.  Robin, Kid Flash, and Red Arrow will be part of the team lineup, in addition to the daughter of Lobo.  This has shades of Young Justice written across it, as a de-aged Lobo was part of that team for a time back in the late Nineties and early part of the century.

More details as we hear them at Batman News.  In the meantime, head over to Comics Now for additional news and check out the DC blog for early looks at covers and some character designs by Alvaro Martinez.


UPDATE: A first look at Bernard Chang’s designs for the Teen Titans is making the rounds.

So the team will consist of Robin, Red Arrow (maybe Shado? Confirmed it’s Emiko Queen, which is who I meant.  Whoops.), and Kid Flash, along with new characters Roundhouse (blue guy), Djinn (girl in purple) and Crush (Lobo’s daughter.  I’m sure you can figure out which one she is.)