Zack Snyder rejected the Batcycle in favor of the Nightcrawler for ‘Justice League’

Earlier this week new concept art of Batman’s scrapped Batcycle for Justice League was released online. Film Sketchr reached out to concept artist Ed Natividad to find out why his vehicle wasn’t used in the movie.

“The Batcycle was proposed as a new form of transport for Batman,” Natividad said. “However it was superseded in favor of the Knight Crawler. Zack Snyder felt the cycle did not reflect the ‘team’ dynamic and needed something that would carry at least three of the members.”

Do you think Snyder made the right call, or would you have preferred to see Batman with a Batcycle instead of the spider-like Nightcrawler? Let me know in the comments below.

SOURCE: Film Sketchr