Zack Snyder and Ray Fisher share photos from deleted ‘Justice League’ scene

With a mandate from the Warner Bros. CEO to keep Justice League under two hours, a lot of the character’s backstories were cut out. We’ve seen a deleted scene between Barry Allen and Iris West, heard about Aquaman stuff being cut, and know that Cyborg’s backstory was removed as well.

Today we got more photos from Cyborg’s deleted football scene. Justice League star Ray Fisher shared the photo below on Instagram. His comment could be interpreted in a number of different ways (Fisher just lost his True Detective Season 3 director, or he could just be reflecting on Justice League), so feel free to speculate.

Zack Snyder must have seen Ray Fisher’s Instagram post, because he took to Vero to write “Believe @RayFisher” and posted a photo of his own from that deleted Justice League scene. Check it out below.