DC trolls fans by announcing all heroes are getting trunks

Yesterday was April Fools’ Day and Shazam director David Sandberg wasn’t the only one who had some fun.

In January, DC announced that Superman would be getting his classic red trunks back in Action Comics #1000, and as part of their April Fools’ joke they put out a press release yesterday announcing that everyone is getting trunks. It’s pretty funny, check it out below.

Since the arrival of Superman in ACTION COMICS #1, trunks have been an essential element of Super Hero design. With the Man of Steel returning to his classic look in this spring’s ACTION COMICS #1000, DC is proud to announce a line-wide initiative that returns its characters to their classic trunks look. Even characters whose original designs never included the iconic outerwear will receive a pants-lift, with bespoke trunks designed by some of DC’s top artists.

Batman? His trunks are back. Wonder Woman? Trunks. Lex Luthor? That guy’s got a whole designer closet full of them (they go over his three-piece suits). Now fans everywhere can rejoice that, indeed, the trunks are back—all of them.

These inspired trunks designs come from some of comics’ most acclaimed creators who spent a painstaking three-month creative retreat making sure each and every pair had its own unique design and rich backstory. While the core designs will start to appear shortly after ACTION COMICS #1000, DC’s tireless artists have created trunks for a variety of future storylines, including Mecha-Trunks™ and Omega Beam Trunks™.

The character redesigns will be an integral component in a special one-shot, DC UNIVERSE: INFINITE TRUNKS #1, following the April 18 release of ACTION COMICS #1000. The must-read issue will introduce the reworked costumes, which tie into a larger mystery involving the Multiverse that will be explored in JUSTICE LEAGUE: NO JUSTICE, a special JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK storyline titled “Unite the Trunks,” and the JUSTICE LEAGUE ODYSSEY crossover “A Lot More Trunks.”

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Are there any heroes who you’d actually like to see get some trunks, or do you think it’s an outdated design choice? Let me know in the comments below.