Zack Snyder implies Dick Grayson is the dead Robin in ‘Batman v Superman’

Zack Snyder has been sharing his own ideas for things that weren’t explained in Batman v Superman, but this one may be the most controversial yet.

On Vero, Snyder asked “what makes you think that’s Jason Todd?” when a fan asked about the quick scene of Bruce Wayne staring at the Robin costume. Another fan then got behind the idea that the dead Robin was Dick Grayson, questioning if Wayne would even bring in another Robin after that. Snyder seemed to agree saying, “it would make Bruce even darker” before quoting the line from Batman v Superman about 20 years in Gotham.

Now I know what you’re thinking… “but Chris McKay is working on a Nightwing movie that features Dick Grayson”. But the thing to remember is they had no idea they were going to make a Nightwing movie when they were making Batman v Superman. Zack Snyder thought it’d be “fun” to kill Jimmy Olsen, so maybe he liked the idea of Dick Grayson being dead too.

The truth is, we may never know for sure which Robin that was. That’s the problem with the DCEU. Warner Bros. never stuck to a plan the way Marvel has for the last 10 years.

Both Batman v Superman and Justice League said that Wonder Woman gave up on mankind for 100 years, and Gal Gadot has already said that she doesn’t agree with that backstory and that it will be ignored in her Wonder Woman movies going forward. They constantly change things and just go with the flow. That makes it harder for fans to follow the “rules” of the DCEU. It’s impossible to look at every decision and have it connect or make sense to choices that come later.

Let me know what you make of Snyder’s latest Batman v Superman comments below.