‘Justice League’ star Ezra Miller compliments fan wearing a custom “Snyder Cut” t-shirt

Justice League star Ezra Miller is at Middle East Film & Comic Con in Dubai this weekend, and he just met a big Zack Snyder fan.

The fan, who was wearing a custom “I Need Snyder Cut” t-shirt, met Ezra Miller at an autograph signing at the event. According to the fan, Miller said that he agreed with his t-shirt and even complimented him on his hair. You can watch their interaction in the video below.

Many of Zack Snyder’s friends and co-workers have come out to support him and his original cut of Justice League before Warner Bros. ordered new scenes from Joss Whedon. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that Warner Bros. will be releasing an alternate cut of Justice League any time soon. The movie just hit Blu-ray last month and only included two deleted Superman scenes.