Jake Gyllenhaal says he won’t be the next Batman (video)


Last year we heard that Matt Reeves was meeting with actors about playing Batman in The Batman. Jake Gyllenhaal was the only actor named in those reports and now he’s setting the record straight about a possible future as the Dark Knight.

In a new interview with CNA Lifestyle, Gyllenhaal was asked point blank if he was going to be the next Batman. Gyllenhaal laughed and said “wow, that’s a very difficult question. The answer to that question is ‘no'”. You can check out his reply in the video below around the 1:30 mark.

Keep in mind if Gyllenhaal was going to be Batman he wouldn’t announce it in a random interview. Jason Momoa lied about being Aquaman for over a year until it was officially announced.

Ben Affleck is not expected to star in The Batman, so it looks like director Matt Reeves will have to continue looking for a replacement if we take Gyllenhaal at his word here.

Would you have liked to see Jake Gyllenhaal as Batman or is there another actor you’d prefer? Let me know in the comments below.