‘Aquaman’ reshoots include new character: Randall Park as Dr. Shin (update)

Earlier this week Jason Momoa shared a set photo from Aquaman reshoots that are currently going on, and today director James Wan announced that they’re adding a new character.

Randall Park has been cast as Dr. Shin in Aquaman. In the comics, Shin is a friend of Arthur Curry’s and helps him develop his Aquaman powers, before turning on him and trying to kill him. “So happy and fortunate to be finally working with this man, Randall Park, on pickups,” Wan said in his announcement tweet.


Unlike Justice League, Aquaman has plenty of time to work on reshoots. The movie hits theaters on December 21st (or December 14th if you’re in the UK).

Update 4/17/18: James Wan has clarified that Randall Park as Dr. Shin was always part of Aquaman, they just didn’t have a chance to film his scenes until now. He also pointed out that all except for one of his movies have had reshoots.