Starfire actress fires back at fans after ‘Titans’ set photo backlash and “hate speech”

Titans TV Show logo

Earlier this week, set photos from the upcoming show Titans were released online. They gave us our first look at Starfire, Beast Boy, and Raven. The response to the photos wasn’t great, and now Starfire actress Anna Diop is firing back at fans.

“To the ‘Titans’ fans: Yesterday a photo of me on set leaked online,” Diop said on Instagram. “And it was unfortunate because fans have been waiting MONTHS for a photo of ‘Starfire’ and a sloppy photo of me on a curb in 15 degree weather is what they got instead. For the sake of our incredible fans – I hated that this is the first picture people are seeing. It’s out of context and it’s a misrepresentation of the incredible character I get to play. And also a misrepresentation of the phenomenal production behind it all.”

It sounds like what we saw in that set photo isn’t a full representation of what Starfire will look like on the show. Some CGI will likely be added as well, perhaps to make her orange. Diop went on to address the “hate speech” she received due to the Titans set photo. You can check out her full statement on Instagram below.

You have to wonder why Warner Bros. didn’t release their own photos before shooting outside in public, especially since they already released official photos of Robin, Hawk, and Dove. We’ll have to wait a big longer before we get a true taste of what Starfire, Beast Boy, and Raven will look like on Titans.

Thanks to Batman News reader mr. nobody for the heads up!