Zachary Levi shows off his ‘Shazam’ superhero body; Henry Cavill responds

Some fans have criticized ​Zachary Levi for not being muscular enough after seeing photos of him in his Shazam costume, which appear to have muscles built in (as all superhero costumes do). Levi took to Instagram today to show off his body, which he’s been working on for months in preparation of his Shazam role.

Then Levi’s new best friend, Henry Cavill, left a nice comment. Cavill knows a thing or two about superhero bodies, after all. “Looking fantastic Sir!! Bloody nice work! And your nowhere stare is on point,” Cavill said. You can check out Levi’s full post below.

Shazam is scheduled to film in Toronto until May. It hits theaters on April 5, 2019.