‘Aquaman’ reshoots are adding a Superman reference

A couple of days ago Aquaman director James Wan shared a set photo announcing that Randall Park had joined the cast during reshoots as Dr. Shin, but he may have revealed another cool easter egg as well.

Eagle-eyed Batman News reader Ken Pejoro spotted that there was something written on the note that Park was holding. Upon zooming it, in appears to say “existence of Superman”. Take a look at the hi-resolution photo for yourself, or the zoomed in portion below.

Aquaman is confirmed to take place after Justice League (though there will be some flashbacks), so it’ll be interesting to see if Superman gets a shout out or if that note is the only easter egg we’ll get. Perhaps Dr. Shin is doing some research on metahumans.

Aquaman reshoots are currently underway, with Amber Heard being the latest actor to share a set photo. The movie hits theaters on December 21st.