The Rock’s new movie ‘Rampage’ has a Justice League reference

The Rock’s new movie Rampage opened this weekend to #1 at the box office and there’s a little treat for DC fans.

Batman v Superman’s Jeffrey Dean Morgan plays a government agent. At one point The Rock is trying to figure out which agency he works for, but Morgan plays it coy. “Sir, I work for the American people,” he replies. The Rock’s co-star Naomie Harris then tries to guess. “Homeland? CIA?”, she then pauses and says “Justice League?”

With Rampage being a Warner Bros. movie, it’s easy to see why they’d slip in a DC reference like that. Though the joke, if you want to call it that, probably would’ve had a more meaningful impact on audiences if Justice League was a bigger hit at the box office.

The Rock is scheduled to star in a DC movie of his own. Last week he said that he hopes his movie Black Adam is ready to start shooting sometime next year.

VIA: Screen Rant