Watch Bruce Wayne receive his first Batmobile on ‘Gotham’

Last week’s episode of Gotham had another big milestone for Bruce Wayne’s journey to becoming Batman.

For Wayne’s birthday (I think he’s 17 now on the show), Alfred gave him his very first Batmobile. It’s a new Ford Mustang that’s “matte black, anti-reflective, very difficult to see at night,” as Alfred explained before taking out a pistol to demonstrate that it’s also “100% bulletproof”. You can watch the Batmobile clip from last week’s Gotham below.

While Bruce Wayne isn’t Batman yet on Gotham, he’s getting pretty close. He’s already been out fighting crime in an armored suit that he got from Lucius Fox. Now that he has a Batmobile, it may not be too much longer before we see him fully adopt his Dark Knight persona.