After Steven Spielberg, another big director is rumored to be joining DC

Last week Warner Bros. dropped a bomb on the superhero world and announced that legendary director Steven Spielberg was going to make the upcoming DC movie, Blackhawk. Now, another big time director is rumored to be coming over to DC as well.

There’s a guy on Twitter who goes by the name @DanielRPK. His bio simply says “writer”. I have no idea who he is or what he does, but he certainly has some good sources. Take for example a tweet he sent out on February 27th about Ava DuVernay directing New Gods. Weeks later on March 15th, it was announced that DuVernay would direct New Gods.

Then he did it again on April 10th, tweeting that he heard a crazy rumor about a “big” director joining the DCEU. A week later on April 17th, Warner Bros. announced that Steven Spielberg was making Blackhawk. He nailed it again!

With that history lesson out of the way, that brings us to @DanielRPK’s latest tweets. “The DCEU should get even more good news soon,” he said. “Not just Spielberg. ANOTHER big director will be joining the DCEU…”

Given @DanielRPK’s track record over the last few months, I think this is worth bringing up and paying attention to. If this is another rumor that ends up being true, what big time director do you hope comes over to DC? Let me know in the comments below.