Henry Cavill confirms ‘Man of Steel 2’ discussions, says he has “a lot of ideas”

Yesterday Henry Cavill said that he’s hoping he gets to play Superman again “sooner rather than later” and in a new interview with the Associated Press, Cavill revealed a few small, but important updates about Man of Steel 2.

“I would love to make a Man of Steel 2,” Cavill said last night at CinemaCon. “It all depends on everyone getting their ducks in a row and the right storytellers being attached. I have a lot of ideas, I’ve had a lot of discussions with certain people about certain things. In an ideal world, yeah, that will be added to the slate.”

Last year we heard that director Matthew Vaughn was talking to Warner Bros. about Man of Steel 2, but there haven’t been any solid updates since then. Hopefully things come together sooner rather than later for Henry Cavill’s next Superman movie.