‘Avengers: Infinity War’ directors find DC characters “unrelatable” but think Batman is pretty cool

Captain America: Civil War

Avengers: Infinity War directors Joe and Anthony Russo were guests at an event sponsored by the Smithsonian Associates last week. CBR was in attendance and reported on a DC question that a fan asked the two directors: would they like to make a DC movie one day?

According to CBR, the Russos don’t have a lot of interest in directing a DC movie. They explained that they were always bigger fans of Marvel growing up. They then elaborated, saying that they felt most DC characters are “unrelatable”, though it does sound like they’re fans of Batman. Check out the full report below.

Joe continued that the DC Comics characters largely felt unrelatable and had power sets that were too similar and powerful in comparison to their Marvel counterparts; as the sibling filmmakers had grown up in Cleveland while the city was in bankruptcy and the butt of many a joke on late night talk shows, they felt more connected to the underdog characters that the Marvel Universe provided.

Before ending their rebuttal to the question, Joe offered that he found Batman to be among the most interesting of the DC Comics superheroes as the character’s humanity and fallibility in contrast to his peers on the Justice League made him significantly more fascinating.

Do you agree with the Russos or do you think DC heroes other than Batman are relatable? Fire off some examples in the comments below!