Henry Cavill talks “extensive” ‘Justice League’ reshoots and the “ridiculous” Superman marketing

Empire Magazine interviewed Henry Cavill recently and he talked about a wide range of Justice League topics, from the reshoots to his mustache, and even the Superman marketing (or lack thereof).

“When we decided to go for the mustache, I certainly wasn’t expecting all the events to unfold as they were going to unfold,” Cavill told Empire. “I wasn’t expecting Justice League reshoots to be as extensive as they were. As you will see when [Mission: Impossible – Fallout] comes out, to have a fake mustache on would not have been a possibility.”

Cavill also commented on the reception that Justice League received from audiences, saying: “I think all these things have their place and their time. There are many reasons why the audience have responded in the way they responded. It’s all lessons learned.”

Lastly, Cavill commented on Warner Bros.’ decision to keep Superman out of all the marketing.

“Well, that whole concept was faintly ridiculous and I honestly believe everyone viewed it as such,” Cavill said. “Of course, if I’m on the press tour I’m in the movie. Obviously, you knew, and that was a different little tap dance we danced together. But for the audience, I wanted to leave some mystery. I think it’s important to have some mystery in movies these days.”

SOURCE: Empire, Comic Book Movie