Kelley Jones returns to Batman with “Kings of Fear” miniseries

When you think of Batman artists, there are some names that will immediately come to mind: Jim Aparo, Norm Breyfogle, Dick Sprang, Mike Parobeck, Neal Adams, Greg Capullo, Graham Nolan, and most recently Joëlle Jones are just a few. The Dark Knight has been drawn by some of the best artists in the business, each giving their own unique spin while still retaining the core aspects of the character’s look. One of those artists, and certainly one with one of the most unique styles, is Kelley Jones. Jones has been associated with Batman off and on for the past few decades, thanks to being a long-running cover artist and providing interiors for books like Batman & Dracula: Red Rain and its sequels.

In an exclusive story at Comic Book Resources, it’s been announced that Jones is returning to Batman this fall with Batman: Kings of Fear.  Joined by writer Scott Peterson, colorist Michelle Madsen, and letterer Rob Leigh, Jones will flex his horror muscles as the Scarecrow rallies the Arkham inmates to riot. Interestingly, Jones and Peterson state that “the story could take place at any point in the Batman timeline,” so it’s not strictly beholden to current continuity.

Check out the full story at Comic Book Resources, including insights from Jones and Peterson and a preview of the first issue.

Batman: Kings of Fear #1 will hit comic shops and digital retailers on August 22.

This post was originally published at Comics Now.