After being cut from ‘Justice League’, Kiersey Clemons confirms she’s still Iris West in ‘The Flash’

Kiersey Clemons was cast as Iris West in 2016 and was supposed to make her debut in Justice League. She even shot a scene for that movie but it ended up being cut from the theatrical release, as Batman News exclusively reported last year. Fans have wondered if she’d still be playing West in The Flash movie, and Clemons confirmed that she will last night on Conan.

“Imagine if I said ‘no’. Imagine if I was like ‘I’m cut out of the whole thing’?,” Clemons joked when host Conan O’Brien brought up Justice League and asked if she’ll get to play the character again in the future. “We talked about it though before, so that’s not going to happen. I am going to be in The Flash. Yeah, I’m Iris West.”

Are you glad that Clemons will still be playing Iris West? Would you have preferred a different actress? Let me know in the comments below.