Possible ‘Wonder Woman 2’ music leaks online (update: fake)

Update: This is fake. After further research, Jefferson doesn’t seem like a guy who likes to tell the truth. He even posted a “letter” from Marvel’s Kevin Feige, welcoming him to Wonder Woman 2 and Aquaman. The original story is below.

Trevon Jefferson is a musician with a lot of big superhero movies to his name on IMDb. He’s listed as “music coordinator” for Wonder Woman 2 and over the weekend he shared a sample of some of the music he’s working on for the movie.

“The first beat for the Wonder Woman 2 Movie is complete,” Jefferson said on Instagram. Take a listen below.


If this is legit, I don’t expect it to stay online too much longer. Zachary Levi deleted the image he posted of Shazam last week, so I doubt Warner Bros. would want Wonder Woman 2 music online already. Do you like what you hear? Do you hope this is real? Let me know in the comments below.

Note: If the Instagram video above does get taken down, here’s a backup on Twitter.