‘Shazam’ director creates his own meme, based on ‘Batman v Superman’

Ever since Zachary Levi shared the first official photo of himself as Shazam last week it’s blown up all over the internet. There’s been a ton of memes created, putting the Shazam photo in various situations. Shazam director David Sandberg saw them and decided to create a meme of his own.

“I love this!,” he said about the photo above, which was made by a fan. Then he added his own meme to the mix. “Since everyone else is doing this…,” he said, as he posted the Batman v Superman video below, which includes an unexpected Shazam twist!

All these memes have been great publicity for the movie, which is why I can’t believe someone (probably Warner Bros.) made Levi delete his original post where he shared this image. It’s too late though, the image is already all over the internet and the memes will just keep on coming!

Shazam recently wrapped production. It will be released on April 5, 2019.