Zack Snyder says he’s still a producer on ‘Wonder Woman 2’

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Zack Snyder received multiple credits for Wonder Woman. He was a producer on that movie and also co-wrote the story with Allan Heinberg and
Jason Fuchs. Last year, producer Charles Roven said that Snyder would be returning as a producer for Wonder Woman 2, and some fans have been wondering if that’s still the case after all the drama that went down with Justice League.

Today on Vero, Snyder assured fans that he’s still producing the sequel. “Are you still a producer for Wonder Woman 2?,” a fan asked. “Oh yes,” Snyder replied.

What we don’t know is how involved Snyder will be with Wonder Woman 2. Is he just a producer in name-only, receiving credit for helping create Gal Gadot’s version of the character? Or will he actually be working on and contributing to the movie? We’ll have to wait and see, but regardless, Snyder’s name will be attached when the credits start rolling.