‘Gotham’ actor is co-writing ‘Suicide Squad 2’, with help from Geoff Johns

Todd Stashwick, an actor who played Richard Sionis on Gotham a few years ago, is co-writing Suicide Squad 2 along with director Gavin O’Connor and David Bar Katz. Stashwick announced the news today on an episode of DC Movie News.

Stashwick explained that he hit it off with director Gavin O’Connor on a movie they worked on together. Though Stashwick doesn’t have any movie writing credits to his name, he said that he’s been writing for years from TV shows to comics and video games. Stashwick is a lifelong DC fan, which made him a good fit. Stashwick went on to talk about working with DC’s Geoff Johns, who seems to be helping out with Suicide Squad 2. Watch Stashwick talk about writing the movie and how he got involved in the video below around the 6:30 mark.

Suicide Squad 2 was expected to go into production later this year, but has been reportedly pushed back in favor of Margot Robbie’s Birds of Prey. It is now expected to start shooting shortly after Birds of Prey wraps up.

Thanks to Batman News reader Eric for the heads up!