Diamond Select DC Vinimates Series 3 advance review

Video courtesy of Comics Now

At first glance, you might say they’re ugly. But get to know them, let them into your heart, and they are beautiful. I’m talking, of course, about Diamond Select’s Vinimates. Featuring the distinctive aesthetic first brought to life in the popular Minimates line, these little Vinyl statues have captured the soul of some of DC’s most well-known characters. Series 3 continues on that trajectory, but adds a significant fan-favorite along the way.

Batman (Classic)

Batman may no longer wear a blue and gray suit with a yellow oval bat symbol and his undies on the outside in the comics anymore, but he always will in our hearts. With a capsule-style gold utility belt, shaded brow, and wide cape, this throwback Bats is a great addition to your growing Vinimate collection, and he looks especially fantastic next to the classic Supes or Joker.

Catwoman (Modern)

Batman and Catwoman are getting married soon, and Diamond is ringing in their nuptials with this modern Catwoman Vinimate. Her goggles look great, her whip’s a-crackin’, and her provocative gaze is straight from the page.


And last, but certainly not least, the Vinimates line welcomes Batman’s cousin to the family, as Batwoman Kate Kane joins the lineup. She’s got an excellent pose, that trademark super-red hair, and some great costume detail on the torso.

These Series 3 DC Vinimates are coming to comic shops and other stores soon, so keep your eyes peeled and snag them while you can!