‘Justice League’ drama: How WB pissed off Chris Terrio and hired Joss Whedon (rumor)

Earlier today, it was announced that Geoff Johns was leaving his position at DC to start a new production company, Mad Ghost Productions. The good news for fans of Johns’ work at DC is that his new company signed an exclusive deal with Warner Bros., so he’ll be producing content for them across movies, TV, and comics, starting with Green Lantern Corps, which he’s writing and producing.

But today’s news sparked an interesting tweet from Vulture’s senior editor, Kyle Buchanan. Johns played a big role in Justice League after the backlash that Batman v Superman received, and was said to have had contributed to the many script rewrites that took place throughout production. According to Buchanan, Justice League writer Chris Terrio was so frustrated that he would complain, “Maybe try using some of my pages?”

When Zack Snyder screened his cut of Justice League for Warner Bros. executives in early 2017, they still were not pleased with it. That’s when Joss Whedon was brought in to rewrite the script for the reshoots. Buchanan claims to have insider info on how that came to be as well.

According to Buchanan, Warner Bros. held a Justice League footage summit for writers including Joss Whedon, Wonder Woman writer Allan Heinberg, Seth Grahame-Smith, and Andrea Berloff. Warner Bros. wanted feedback on how to improve Justice League, and obviously Whedon ended up winning the job.


Vulture is a reliable website and was even granted exclusive access to DC’s Geoff Johns and Diane Nelson last year, but this should still be treated as a rumor for now until other reliable sources pitch in. It’s not too hard to believe this is how things went down, though.

What do you make of this story and the way Warner Bros. allegedly handled Justice League? Let me know in the comments below.