Jason Momoa wanted the Aquaman joke about fish cut from ‘Justice League’

Justice League featured a joke at Aquaman’s expense, and it was part of the first trailer for the movie too. After being slammed against a wall by the underwater superhero, Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne smirks and says “I hear you can talk to fish”. Aquaman actor Jason Momoa took issue with that line and tried to get it cut from the movie, as he explained to Entertainment Weekly.

“I’m like, ‘Don’t put this line in there, because that’s all people are going to say,” Momoa said about the Aquaman joke. “Do you want me to make him cool or not?”

Later in the movie, the joke comes up again, with Affleck’s Batman asking “I mean… do you talk to fish?”. Aquaman replies with a stern, “The water does the talking.” Momoa also told Entertainment Weekly that he’s worried that his Aquaman came off as “too grumpy” in Justice League.

I can definitely see where Momoa is coming from but at the end of the day he is Aquaman and he can talk to fish (and does in the Aquaman movie). It’s just part of the character.

Do you think the Aquaman joke about talking to fish should’ve been cut from Justice League, or did you enjoy it? Let me know in the comments below.

SOURCE: Entertainment Weekly (June 2018)