Diamond Select Toys Nightwing/Batgirl 2-pack review

Nightwing: former Boy Wonder.

Batgirl: the Dominoed Daredoll.

Individually they’re two of the most beloved characters in the entire DC Universe.  Together, they’re either the ideal couple or friends who really shouldn’t be anything more than that.  It all depends on who you ask, really.

Besides their “will they/won’t they” romantic dynamic, though, they’re both strong, smart, completely capable characters, at home fighting alongside Batman or going off on their own adventures.  Diamond Select Toys recognize their strong dynamic, it seems, as Nightwing and Batgirl are the latest figures in their line of Vinimates.  Available as a Free Comic Book Day exclusive 2-pack, Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon are ready to stand watch and fight crime from atop your bookshelf, desk, or anywhere else you can think to put them.


Like his comic counterpart, this Nightwing figure is slick and lean.  I love (love) that they chose to adapt his costume from the Nineties, finger-stripes included.  It’s such a simple, iconic look, and it looks great in Vinimate form.  His pose is fairly dynamic, poised to whack a bunch of baddies with his escrima sticks, and the blue trim stretches from arm to arm and across both his chest and his back.  His hair is nicely detailed, a bit coifed without looking too silly, and he has the playful look you’d expect from Dick Grayson.  I kind of wish his gloves and boots had a little more detailing to incorporate the “compartments” on the comic suit, but it all looks great either way.


Curiously, Batgirl is in her Burnside outfit, but that’s ok.  There are plenty of cool little details on the figure, and it looks great alongside Nightwing’s classic look.  The purple suit with yellow accessories look great together, with each color complementing the other.  Her body armor is painted on nicely, looking like it should, and I love the details like the laces on her boots, her belt pouches, and the cape clasps.  It looks utilitarian without being overly busy.  Her hair and cape “flow” nicely, and her smirk is loaded with personality.  The small detail of a slight dimple below her right eye conveys all you need to know about Barbara Gordon and the joy she has in fighting crime.  The only real knock I have against the figure is how her left hand looks a bit Pac-Man-ish, though that’s just part of the charm.

Both figures stand around four inches in height and, while lacking any articulation, are set in some pretty excellent poses.  The set retails for $19.99 and is available for purchase directly from Diamond’s website.


For a better look at the figures in action, check out the video review from Comics Now.