Rumor: ‘The Batman’ begins hiring production staff

Earlier this month we learned that The Batman writer/director Matt Reeves turned in part of his script to Warner Bros. at the end of May. If today’s new rumor turns out to be true, things may be heading in the right direction to finally get this movie in front of cameras.

According to Batman on Film, The Batman has begun hiring production staff to work on the movie. If that’s true, pre-production could be starting soon and shooting the movie in 2019 seems like a lock. And if that’s true, the movie could hit theaters as early as 2020.

Obviously this is all just rumor and speculation right now, so stay tuned to Batman News for more official details on The Batman. Maybe Matt Reeves will take the stage at San Diego Comic-Con next week and announce a release date. Here’s hoping!

SOURCE: Batman on Film