Margot Robbie: ‘Birds of Prey’ will have a diverse cast, Harley will have a new look

Margot Robbie is currently promoting her new movie Terminal, which means we’ll be hearing a lot about Birds of Prey as well. Yesterday Robbie revealed that the movie will be R-rated, have a small budget, and begin shooting in January. Now she’s talking about some of the casting choices as well as Harley Quinn’s look for the movie.

Robbie picked Cathy Yan, an Asian woman, to direct Birds of Prey and Yahoo asked if we’d see diversity on the screen as well. “Yep, yes exactly, real life isn’t so one specific image,” Robbie confirmed. “We’ve got to reflect that onscreen.”

Robbie also confirmed that Harley Quinn will have a “totally different look” in Birds of Prey. Robbie couldn’t give any details about her new costumes, which she said haven’t been designed yet. “There will be new Halloween costumes out there one day, perhaps,” Robbie joked. Harley Quinn was one of the most popular costumes in 2016.

Check out the full video interview below for more from Robbie on Birds of Prey.

Who would you like to see be cast in Birds of Prey? Are there any Harley Quinn costumes you’d like to see Margot Robbie wear for one of her new looks? Let me know in the comments below.