Mark Hamill reflects on playing The Joker in ‘Batman: The Animated Series’: “It’s the gift that keeps on giving”

To many fans, Batman: The Animated Series voice actors Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill are the definitive Batman and Joker. This weekend, Hamill reflected on the 1992 Batman series that catapulted him into many other projects involving The Joker, including the popular Batman: Arkham video game series and animated movies.

“It was truly an honor to be entrusted to play the character in the original Batman:TAS back in ’92,” Hamill said on Twitter. “I had no idea at the time the impact it would have on my career or how it would be received by Bat-fans worldwide- but it’s the gift that keeps on giving!”

Batman: The Animated Series is coming to the upcoming digital service DC Universe in HD for the very first time next month. What are your favorite memories of Hamill as The Joker? Let me know in the comments below.