Rumor: ‘Joker’ story details and his real name revealed?

Joker starts filming in September but there’s still not a lot we know about the movie other than it will star Joaquin Phoenix and be an origin story. A new rumor hopes to fill in some of the gaps.

According to That Hashtag Show, The Joker’s real name in the movie will be “Arthur Fleck”. He comes back home to the city to live with his older (possibly dying) mother in her apartment. Fleck’s mother was described to That Hashtag Show as “very attractive in her youth“, “obsessed with her former employer” and unable to believe “this is what her life has come to.”

Last night we learned that Deadpool 2 star Zazie Beetz is currently in talks to play a single mother and the possible love interest in the movie. That Hashtag Show says the name of her character is Sophie Dumond. Perhaps The Joker meets her at his mom’s apartment building.

That Hashtag Show also backs up previous reports from Collider, and says that the role Robert De Niro is up for is a late night TV talk show host named Murray Franklin. They also corroborate the news that Thomas Wayne will be in the movie and describe him as cheesy, tanned, rich-looking, and someone who is in their 60s.

Now if you want to speculate and try to piece all of those characters and details together… perhaps The Joker’s mom used to work for Thomas Wayne at Wayne Enterprises? Could he be the former employer that she’s obsessed with? If she was wronged by Wayne, maybe The Joker will want to get revenge and get even.

Again, that last part is just speculation. Let me know what you make of all these rumors in the comments below.

SOURCE: That Hashtag Show