‘Justice League’ VFX reel shows completed CGI from the Snyder Cut

Last week Warner Bros. said they have no plans to release the Zack Snyder cut of Justice League, but that hasn’t kept fans from continuing to ask for it.

A common reason given as to why Warner Bros. probably doesn’t want to release it is because the CGI wasn’t complete. We’ve seen proof of that from deleted scenes that leaked. But a new VFX reel from a company called “Shade VFX” shows that at least some of the scenes from the Snyder Cut had finished, or nearly finished special effects.

In the video below at the 17 second mark, we see Ray Fisher as Victor Stone before the accident that turned him into Cyborg. Stone is playing football and his mom is in the crowd cheering him on. Snyder shot this scene against a green screen, and Shade VFX added in the stadium and crowd with CGI.

Update: The video was removed from Vimeo, but here’s a backup on Twitter:

In previous interviews, Fisher had mentioned that Cyborg’s backstory was cut from the theatrical release of Justice League. He even mentioned his mom. This is the first time we get to see footage of what he was referring to.