Geoff Johns hopes if you liked his Green Lantern comics you’ll like his Green Lantern movie

Last month Geoff Johns left his job at DC to start his own production company where he will be creating movies, TV shows, and comics for Warner Bros. and DC. One of the first projects he’s working on is the Green Lantern Corps movie, which he will now write and produce.

Collider caught up with Johns last week at San Diego Comic-Con to talk about what lessons he learned from the failed Ryan Reynold’s Green Lantern movie from 2011 that he wants to bring to the new movie. Here’s what he had to say:

“Well I think you look at everything that worked and didn’t work on anything. Like revamping a character, reintroducing a character I’ve done it a lot. The creative viewpoint and the way into the character and rebooting it and changing it and introducing it is informed by everything. It’s informed by comics, both what works and what doesn’t work. I don’t wanna spoil any of the story there, but if people liked my run on Green Lantern, then hopefully they’ll like what I’m doing.”

It sounds like fans of Johns’ Green Lantern comics will be happy with what he brings to the big screen with his Green Lantern Corps movie.

However, it sounds like Green Lantern Corps isn’t greenlit yet, and Johns is hoping his script will impress Warner Bros. and DCEU president Walter Hamada to the point where they’ll want to go ahead and actually make the movie.

“Right now look I’m just writing a script and hopefully this script gets into a place where Warner Bros. and Walter [Hamada] and everybody is really excited about it, and when we get that right then we’ll move ahead on the project. But we gotta get it right.”

Check out the full video interview with Johns above for more.

SOURCE: Collider