Man of Steel 2: Everyone at Warner Bros. knows how important Superman is, says Geoff Johns

Earlier this week Collider posted part of their interview with Geoff Johns from San Diego Comic-Con where he talked about Green Lantern Corps, but today they posted their entire 20 minute conversation where he also talked about Man of Steel 2, Wonder Woman 1984, Aquaman, and more.

On the topic of Man of Steel 2, Johns admitted that in his new role he’s not really at liberty to talk about potential projects that may be in the works for the future, but he did assure fans by letting them know that everyone at Warner Bros. agrees that Superman is an important character in the DC universe.

“Look, working with [DC Films President] Walter Hamada and [Warner Bros. Chairman] Toby [Emmerich] over there at [Warner Bros.], they feel the same way. Everyone loves Superman and knows how important Superman is,” Johns explained.

“It’s not in my wheelhouse now to really say anything beyond that but… I got into this business because of Superman: The Movie, because Dick Donner directed what I think is still an amazing superhero film but an amazing film — it’s an American film, it’s a classic.”

There’s been a lot of rumors about Henry Cavill and the future of Superman. Some say we may see him in a cameo in Shazam, others say he’s currently in contract negotiations to extend his deal so that he can keep playing Superman in solo movies and beyond.

If what Johns says is true and Warner Bros. considers Superman important, hopefully it won’t be too long before we know exactly what they have planned for him.

SOURCE: Collider (via Comic Book Movie)