Cyborg actor Ray Fisher shares cryptic poem, and DCEU fans are freaking out

Cyborg actor Ray Fisher has caused some panic among DC Extended Universe fans this afternoon by sharing a cryptic poem on Twitter.

Fisher posted a poem titled “Comes The Dawn” without any comment, and the themes are “uncertainty” and “goodbye”. If you read the replies to his tweet, fans are immediately thinking that this has to do with his role as Cyborg in the DCEU, and that he could be moving on. Check out the poem in full below.

Fisher was originally going to co-star in The Flash, which would have been out this past March. But that project was scrapped for Flashpoint, which was then scrapped for a Flash origin movie, which may be shooting next year.

If Fisher isn’t in The Flash anymore, it’s hard to imagine where he’d pop up again in the DCEU. DCEU president Walter Hamada is said to be taking a more solo approach to the movies, with no major crossovers planned at the moment.

Do you think Fisher’s tweet today has anything to do with his role as Cyborg in the DCEU, or do you think fans are overreacting? Let me know in the comments below.