Report: Zack Snyder cut of ‘Justice League’ killed off Cyborg’s dad

/Film caught up with actor Joe Morton, who played Cyborg’s dad in Justice League, to ask about his role in the DCEU. Morton thinks that a Cyborg movie will begin shooting in 2020, and revealed some interesting details about Justice League that may be part of that solo movie.

“There was [more we shot],” Morton said about his work on Justice League. “They completely changed the story. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you what [the original story] is because that might end up being in part of the Cyborg movie,” Morton added. “Yes, there was a big change once they decided that they were going to do the Cyborg film.”

And what was that big change? According to Vulture reporter Kyle Buchanan, Zack Snyder’s original cut of Justice League had Morton’s character getting killed halfway through the movie. At the end, Cyborg finds a video from his dad and we hear his monologue play over the final montage. In the theatrical cut, it’s Amy Adams reading the lines instead.

Do you think they made the right call not killing off Cyborg’s dad in Justice League, or would you have liked to see Zack Snyder’s original plan for the movie? Let me know in the comments below.