Cyborg actor Ray Fisher assures fans he has no intention of leaving his DC role

Last weekend, Cyborg actor Ray Fisher shared a poem on Twitter titled “Comes The Dawn”. The themes of the poem included “uncertainty” and “goodbye”, and without any caption for context, fans started thinking about the worst case scenario. The majority of the replies to that tweet were from fans nervous that he was hinting that he was leaving his DC role.

This weekend, Fisher took to Twitter once again, this time to assure fans he has no intention of leaving the role of Cyborg any time soon.

“I don’t usually engage the rumor-mill, but it’s recent turn may be worth a little grist: I am NOT, nor do I have ANY intention of, leaving Cyborg,” Fisher said. “Furthermore, if/when the time comes for me to hangup my all-too-revealing mocap onesie, you will hear it from me directly.”

Now the big question is when we may see Fisher get to play Cyborg again. The only upcoming movie that would make sense is The Flash, and he had a role in that movie in a previous version of that script. But since then, it’s gone through major changes, so it’s unclear as to whether or not we’ll still see him in that movie.

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