DC announce Batman Day 2018 and release a Batman 80th anniversary logo

Batman is a pretty popular guy, I think it’s safe to say.  He’s been featured in countless comic books, has been the star of some incredibly successful movies, and is generally considered the baseline of cool comic characters.  For several years now, DC Comics have even designated an entire day as Batman Day (ignoring the fact that for a lot of us, every day is Batman Day), and the tradition continues this year.  The full list of details have yet to be revealed, but already DC have announced some pretty cool exclusives and giveaways: participating comic shops will have free copies of Batman: White Knight #1 (also with a preview of Batman: Damned) and the first chapter of Batman: A Lot of Li’l Gotham, and tons of back issues and graphic novels will be available at a discount through ComiXology.  Head over to the DC Blog for more details.

The fun doesn’t stop there, though, as DC are also preparing for next year’s Detective Comics #1000.  If 2018 has been the Year of Superman, then 2019 will be the Year of Batman, complete with an absolutely dynamite promotional logo:

Look for that to be everywhere leading up to ‘Tec1000 and beyond.  No word yet as to what we can expect from the thousandth issue of DC’s namesake, though a format similar to Action 1000 is pretty likely: tons of individual stories from top talent.  Still, even if it’s just 80 pages of Tomasi and Mahnke I think we’ll all be satisfied.  More details as we hear them, of course.

Batman Day will be held September 15, 2018, and Detective Comics #1000 will hit in 2019.

This post was originally published on Comics Now.