Zack Snyder voiced a role in the ‘Batman v Superman’ Knightmare Batman scene

It’s been a while since Zack Snyder has shared any new images or new information on Vero about the DC movies that he’s directed, but today he put an end to that drought.

A fan pointed out that during the Knightmare Batman scene in Batman v Superman, the bad guy who replies “Yeah, we got it” to Batman sounds a lot like Zack Snyder. Turns out… it’s because it was! “Zack, I am 95% sure you read these lines, the voice is just too similar,” the fan said. “Got me,” Snyder replied.

The Knightmare Batman scene was shot in IMAX, and IMAX cameras are known for being very loud. Sometimes actors have to do Automated Dialog Replacement (ADR), and re-read lines to give the director a clearer version than they were able to pick up on set. I’d imagine that’s what happened here, and is the reason why Snyder decided to just say the short line himself.

That wasn’t Snyder’s only role in Batman v Superman. He also played Bruce Wayne’s hand and the Batmobile’s headlights.

You can watch the scene in the video below at the 7 second mark. I never noticed it before but now that I know it’s Zack Snyder, it definitely sounds like his voice saying “Yeah, we got it”.

Thanks to Batman News reader Mike for the heads up!