Ben Affleck checked himself into rehab this week after an intervention from Jennifer Garner

Warner Bros.

Ben Affleck has been dealing with alcohol addiction for a while now. He first entered rehab for alcohol abuse back in 2001. Then in March of last year he announced that he had completed treatment for alcohol addiction. He went back to rehab last December, and this week he checked himself into a live-in rehab facility in the Los Angeles county.

TMZ broke the news on Wednesday night, and says that it was Affleck’s wife Jennifer Garner (the two separated in 2015 but are not officially divorced yet) who staged an intervention with him on Wednesday afternoon, begging him to get help. TMZ’s sources say that Affleck didn’t put up a fight and understood that he needed to go to rehab.

The tipping point for Garner was when she saw paparazzi photos of Affleck receiving a box of beer and liquor from a delivery man. TMZ has more details and photos if you want to learn more.

I’m sharing this on Batman News because Affleck is the latest actor to play Batman and this could have an impact on his future in the role. Reliable sources have been saying for a while now that Affleck isn’t expected to star in The Batman, which begins filming next spring/early summer. And that’s probably best for Affleck. Right now he needs to focus on his health and treating his addiction.