Diamond Select Toys Injustice 2 Vinimates review

As I’ve no doubt mentioned elsewhere, I have an interesting history with DST’s Vinimates line. When I first started working with the company on reviews, I told them not to send any, because I thought they were gross. Oh, how far I’ve come! At this point, I think I like them as much as I like Funko Pop!s, and the only reason I don’t have more is because the line is still relatively small. But in conjunction with the hit game Injustice 2, the line is expanding, with three sweet new figures—one of which is probably my favorite in the whole series.

The Dark Knight

I’m sad to say that I haven’t played Injustice 2. I enjoyed the first game quite a bit, and read half or more of the tie-in series, but I don’t have a compatible game system for the sequel, and there are too many comics to read for me to keep up with the book. But I did read up on the game while it was in development, and I was one of those people complaining about what I perceived as over-designed costumes. I’ll plug my ears while you shout. Done? Good.

Anyway, I think Batman’s suit in Injustice 2 is a step in the wrong direction. I’m generally more a fan of a streamlined Batsuit, but I thought the armored looks in the first game were handled fairly well. But this new one…

Regardless, I think the Vinimate, by its very nature, does a good job of downplaying what I don’t like in the suit. The wide-winged Bat is still present, but it’s 2D and drawn on the chest, so it isn’t as prominent as it appears in the rendered game. This isn’t my favorite Batman Vinimate, but I don’t dislike it, either. If you like this look, get this Vinimate. ‘Nuff said.

The crazy lady

Injustice Harley is one of my favorite takes on the character. Her interactions with Green Arrow back in the Injustice 1 comics were some of my favorite moments in her history. Her design in the games is pretty cool, too—it obviously draws influence from her visual heritage, but it’s also very much its own thing. The Vinimate is both a fabulous translation of that costume, and a perfectly Harleyish pose. I love the colored ends to her pigtails, and the matching colored eyeliner, and the Bat on the back of her jacket is a nice touch, too. The modern Harley Vinimate (with the sweet mallet) is one of my favorites, and this one is almost as cool as that one. Great job.

The fishmonger

I love Black Manta. Now, part of that is the excellent work done by Young Justice and Rebirth; however, I loved him before experiencing either of those things. No, I loved Black Manta first because he just looks so dang cool. The unapologetically enormous helmet, the blaster eyes, the sharp, shivvy blades—what’s not to love? Diamond Select recently announced a whole bunch of Aquaman film stuff coming out later this year, but why wait? You can have the first Manta Vinimate right now, and it’s a dang respectable take, too. This vengeful little killer is amazing, with that trademark helmet, two sharp, sharp knives, and a threatening stance. Arthur Curry may be King of Atlantis, but Manta is Lord and Master of the Shelf.


Diamond has hit another home run with this series of Vinimates. The Batman isn’t my favorite, but it’s a good take on the game, and fans will enjoy it. Harley and Manta are superb—some of the best Vinimates that have been produced—and I love looking over at my bookcase and seeing them staring out across the office. You can find the Injustice 2 Vinimates in stores now.