DC Core Joker PVC Statue review

The Joker looks dapper and dangerous as he rides high atop his own maniacal laughter, a unique and integrated base built of actual “HA HA HAs.” Display the Clown Prince of Crime proudly at home, work or wherever you want to show your crazy side.


Another Joker statue? Another one?! Yes, it’s another Joker statue, but bear with me, this one’s different. See, the all-new DC Core line from DC Collectibles is crafted from PVC instead of polystone, and that means it’s going to be far more affordable and durable than traditional polystone sculptures. Nice, right? Any time Batman News gets to showcase a statue of Mr. J that doesn’t wrap up with a comments section lousy with “If only I was rich” lamentations, it’s a good thing. And you’re not sacrificing quality by staying within your budget, either! Now that executive creative director Jim Fletcher and artists like sculptor David Pereira don’t have to worry about breakage, we can get statues that showcase our favorite characters in far more exaggerated poses. Just look at this thing…

When you think of the Joker, what do you think of? Him laughing maniacally, of course, but you’ll also quickly recall that the man is a pretty prolific killer and that the laughter usually follows a second party dropping dead before him. The guy is not a passive villain. He’s not the type that sits in a throne room or gazes out an office window while the henchmen commit all the mayhem. Joker is what we’d call “exceedingly vicious” and yet when you do a quick Google image search for “Joker statue” you’ll see that the market is flooded with stone likenesses that fail to capture the clown prince enjoying a little of the old ultra-violence. Sure, you’ll see a few where he’s clutching a crowbar or aiming a camera, and those are nice, but few if any present the Joker in a fashion that’s quite as dynamic as what we see here in the DC Core line.

This Joker doesn’t have both feet planted on the ground, in fact, he’s supporting himself by little more than the toe of a single wingtip. His other foot is already raised high, coat tails are sweeping through the air, his tie is flailing from its collar—these touches combine to give the figure a sense of motion unseen in other statues because those other statues would break too easily in the manufacturing process. Or they’d be so unbalanced that you’d only ever display it confidently if you laid it on a bed of down pillows. NO, memory foam. With the cooling gel, just to be safe…

It’s a fantastic pose and it’s achieved all in one piece from HA to hair. The only “assembly” required here is slipping the cane into Joker’s grip, which is easy. The body, head, and base is painted and textured with brilliant effects that create the illusion of real fabric and toxic-waste-bleached skin. Take a close look at the sheen on the shoes, the wrinkles on the pants, the layered emerald locks, the GINGIVITIS. It’s all exceptional. My only genuine complaint about the sculpt or paint is that I think the knot on the tie lacks the same level of detail as the rest of the villain’s sculpted garments. That and I think they would’ve sold more of these if they included an optional crowbar. Yes, it’s been done to death, but I know many fans still can’t get enough of callbacks to one of Joker’s greatest hits… Which brings up an interesting point: which Joker is this? It’s not the Joker we’re currently seeing in the pages of Scott Snyder’s Justice League. Nor is it the design we’ve seen in Tom King’s BATMAN. And it’s definitely not  the New 52’s End Game or Death of the Family Joker. No, this is DC Core’s own interpretation of the Clown Prince that seems to be drawing a little bit from every era. Which is cool, but also a bit odd when you consider how the upcoming DC Core Batman showcases the purple-caped Rebirth costume and the upcoming DC Core Batgirl is the New 52/Rebirth Batgirl of Burnside outfit. Funny enough, both Batman and Batgirl will have had a wardrobe change in the comics by the time those statues appear on store shelves, but I digress…

As for the Joker’s giant HAha base? It’s great in concept but not so much so in execution. The sculpt of the many HAs is nice and the runny goop lines are a wonderful detail that harks back to the clown’s toxic origins. However, this foundation lacks the distinctive paint application and unique texturing to really make it pop. Compare the photos of my own statue with those promo images provided by DC Collectibles. Their Joker base has chartreuse accents that make the AXIS-inspired base appear all the more acidic. Mine does not, and it makes a difference. When it comes to functionality, it certainly gets the job done, though. This is one instance when you can honestly describe The Joker as being “stable.”


It’s an excellent statue for only $50 bucks. I like that the designers stuck to the Mr. J’s most iconic characteristics so we get a Joker that would fit perfectly in any era, and the pose they put him in is energetic and eye-catching. I wish the tie had a little more detail and more paint was used on the HA-shaped base, but otherwise I think the first statute in the DC Core PVC line is a success.