Report: Ben Affleck could lose Batman role due to post-rehab insurance costs

Warner Bros.

Last week Ben Affleck checked into a live-in rehab facility to deal with his alcohol addiction. There was speculation that this could be the end of his time as Batman from a health/personal level, but now experts have weighed in about financial reasons as well.

“More than likely the studio will replace him because the insurance costs are going to go through the roof,” a completion bond company representative told The Wrap.

“He would be bondable, but the deductible would be really high, probably the budget of the film,” an attorney who specializes in insurance and bond products said.

Justice League had a budget of around $300 million and The Wrap’s sources say that if a sequel was made with Affleck attached, the insurance deductible could push the budget up to $450 million.

The Batman director Matt Reeves has been working on a script that features a younger Batman, and Affleck wasn’t expected to appear. He did hope to play Batman one more time, however, and wanted to find a “graceful and cool way” to exit the role. But with today’s news, Affleck’s final Batman appearance may have been last November with Justice League.

There’s a lot to unpack here, so head on over to The Wrap for their full report and more details.

SOURCE: The Wrap