Kiersey Clemons has “no idea” what’s going on with ‘The Flash’ (video)

There have been rumors that The Flash would start shooting by February of next year, but a new interview with star Kiersey Clemons seems to suggest that things aren’t quite that far along yet.

“No idea, we don’t know yet,” Clemons said when asked for an update on The Flash. “We have a little bit of an idea of who our director is,” she added. John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein have already confirmed that they’ve officially signed on to direct.

“I talk with Erza [Miller] frequently, and we’ll see,” Clemons said. She confirmed that she won’t be working on The Flash this year. “Let’s hope for 2019,” she said.

Do you think Clemons is playing coy, or do you think that The Flash may not be on target for that February 2019 production date that’s been rumored? Let me know in the comments below.