‘Batman: The Animated Series’ removed for Amazon Prime subscribers ahead of Blu-ray release

Every season of Batman: The Animated Series has been available to stream for free for Amazon Prime subscribers for at least the last few years. But as Batman News comic reviewer Andrew Asberry noticed this weekend, the show is no longer included for free with an Amazon Prime subscription.

The reason for this is probably quite simple — Batman: The Animated Series is being released in HD for the first time next month on Blu-ray. It will also be available to stream on DC Universe, Warner Bros.’ own DC digital service. My guess is that their contract with Amazon expired, or they just pulled the show for Amazon Prime subscribers to get fans to subscribe to their own service.

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There are benefits to buying the Batman: The Animated Series Blu-ray or watching it on DC Universe, however. You’ll be able to see the show in HD for the first time. While on Amazon Prime Video, the show only streamed in DVD quality. A recent comparison video shows off the big difference.

Batman: The Complete Animated Series Blu-ray is available to pre-order now at 23% off. It will be released on October 30th.