Robin Wright will play Antiope again in ‘Wonder Woman 1984’

Chris Pine isn’t the only Wonder Woman actor coming back from the dead for Wonder Woman 1984.

NET-A-PORTER published a big new interview and cover story with Robin Wright, who played Antiope in Wonder Woman. She died early in that movie, but NET-A-PORTER confirmed that she’s off to Spain with Connie Nielsen to film a flashback scene for Wonder Woman 1984. Wright also shot a flashback scene for Justice League, but that was cut out of the theatrical release.

A flashback scene with Wright as Antiope makes sense, but we still need to see how Chris Pine’s return will fit into the story. The first official photo of him as Steve Trevor has him in 1980s clothes, which suggests that his return isn’t a flashback.

Wonder Woman 1984 will continue filming through the end of the year. It hits theaters on November 1, 2019.