Hans Zimmer on why ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ was “an odd thing to say yes to”

Rupert Gregson-Williams wrote the music for Wonder Woman, but incorporated Hans Zimmer’s iconic theme from Batman v Superman. Gregson-Williams and Zimmer are friends, and Gregson-Williams is a member of Zimmer’s Remote Control Productions team of composers.

Last month news broke that Zimmer would be coming back to the DCEU to score Wonder Woman 1984. In a new interview with Collider, Zimmer explained that his relationship with Gregson-Williams made it an “odd thing to say yes to”, and talked about why he ultimately decided to come back.

“It was an odd thing to say yes to because my friend Rupert… I had worked really hard at getting Rupert the job on the first [Wonder Woman movie],” Zimmer explained. “But remember the Wonder Woman theme is mine, I wrote that damn thing. We had done it live, it became more and more interesting, and I just thought it was important to finish it”

“Patty [Jenkins] phoned me and she had a really interested idea as well. The story that she’s going to tell, or is probably right now on a set telling, it’s a story that I want to be part of.”

You can check out the Wonder Woman 1984 portion of the Zimmer interview in the video above around the 13:33 mark.

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SOURCE: Collider